Drop-off & Pick-up

General Safety Rules

• Please drive slowly, with caution, obeying traffic signs.
• Do not park in the red or yellow zones from 8:00 to 9:00 am or from 2:30 to 3:20 pm.
• Do not get out and leave your car running in the red or yellow zones - even for a minute!
• No double-parking anywhere, anytime!
• Park in designated areas only. Do not park where “no parking” signs are posted.
• Use the sidewalks and crosswalks when you are walking from your parking spot, especially when you have your kids with you.
• Allow extra time for traffic, particularly in bad weather.

Drop-off Rules (8:30-8:45 am)

• Drop-off is in the red bus zone, directly opposite the cafetorium door.
• Safety parent volunteers will be available in the red zone to assist your child.
• When driving into Orchard, you must stay in a single lane next to the curb.
• Remain in this lane and pull up as far as possible to the end of the red zone. Do not stop somewhere in the middle or drop off by the kindergarten playground!
• Children must use right side car doors only!
• Keep in mind: if a bus arrives behind you, you must move up and/or circle around.
• Do not cut around other cars to get closer. This is extremely dangerous!
• Do not reverse. Wait for the car in front to move. Cars are big, kids are small!
• Never get out of your car in the drop-off zone. If your child is unable to get out without assistance, park your car in a parking space and walk your child!!

Pick-up rules (3:00-3:10 pm)

• Arrange a designated spot where your child will meet you.
• Remind your child to come to the pick-up area immediately after dismissal.
• No pick-up/parking in the red bus zone or yellow fire zone. 
• If your child does not appear in a “reasonable” amount of time, you must park in a designated spot!


These rules are for the safety of our children. If you pull into the Orchard School driveway, you must follow these rules. Please inform anyone who drives your child of these rules. Drivers who persist in violating the rules will receive a written warning on their vehicle.