Visitors to School
For our children's safety, all parents/guardians and visitors must report to the Main Office to let us know they are in the building. There are no unauthorized visits to classrooms.

Please remember to:
• Ring the buzzer and tell the Main Office the purpose of your visit (teacher conference, library volunteer, art docent, etc.)
• When admitted, proceed to the Main Office.
• Sign in the Visitor's Log on the counter in the Main Office, and receive a badge.
• Wear the Visitor Badge during your visit.
• Make sure you sign out before you exit. Leaving the building from any door other than the Main Entrance is not permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: Any school materials, such as books, lunches, musical instruments, etc., should be left in the crate at the front door. The Office staff will make sure the child gets the materials in a timely manner. There is a pen in the crate for your convenience.