Parking Lot Reminders
Parking Lot Reminders
Posted on 09/04/2023
carThe Orchard School parking lot is an unassigned lot, meaning any open space is available to staff, parents, or the general public.  There is one designated spot for the HSA Auction winner each year.  Please respect this spot and do not park there!

For morning drop off, a drop and go line moves through the red painted area in the front of the school.  Drivers do not exit the vehicle, and students exit on the passenger side.  Volunteers assist children out.  When using this feature, please follow the traffic and do not exit out of the line.

For afternoon pick up, no such pick up and go exists.  If you are parking your car, you need to follow existing rules and park only in a designated parking space.  Double parking, or worse - leaving a car running in the lot without a driver is only an accident waiting to happen.

Please allow yourself time so as not to be rushed.  This is for the safety of all - especially our children!