School Performances & Concerts
School Performances & Concerts
Posted on 03/05/2024
Music Notes

Dear Orchard Families,

Every year, we are thrilled to invite parents and family members to share the joy of our school
performances and concerts! Orchard specifics include:

● Kindergarten holds two performances: the Kindergarten “Thanksgiving Feast” and “See
How We’ve Grown” at the end of the school year.

● Students in grades 1-3 each have one performance during the year. We are so
grateful to Mr. Kreismer and our grade-level teachers for creating and preparing these
unique grade-level musical plays. These provide our students with practice in a plethora
of performance areas and have been an Orchard tradition for 25 years!

● 4th and 5th-grade students have two performances each year to showcase their vocal
music skills as well as their instruments (recorder for grade 4 and instrumental for grade
5). These performances are combined - 4th and 5th grade together.

● Guests: For all performances, the entire student population attends. Families and
guests are most welcome to attend - please mark your calendars!


Wednesday, November 22, 11:30 am and Thursday, May 30, 9:00 AM

Grade 2:

Thursday, December 14, 9:00 AM

Community Sing-Along K-5:

Friday, December 22, 9:00 AM

Grade 1:

Thursday, February 29, 9:00 AM

Grade 3:  

Thursday, April 11, 9:00 AM *DATE CHANGE*

Grades 4&5 Winter Concert:

Wednesday, February 7, 9:30 AM

Grades 4&5 Spring Concert:

Tuesday, May 21, 1:30 PM

We are excited to provide these experiences for our students and families and look forward to
seeing you there!

Mary Ferreri, Principal